Braces in West Covina

Reliable, Effective Braces Treatment

At Shining Smiles Orthodontics, we're challenging what you thought you knew about metal braces. Dr. Lee leverages modern advances to make our braces sleeker, more comfortable, and incredibly efficient.

Dive into the future of orthodontics with us and explore the innovations we bring to orthodontics in West Covina.

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Metal Braces Revolutionized

Metal braces have always been a reliable orthodontic solution. But at Shining Smiles Orthodontics, we've taken reliability and merged it with state-of-the-art technology and design.

Our braces are lightweight, user-friendly, and geared for maximum comfort. West Covina has been witnessing a transformation in orthodontics, and Dr. Lee and your dedicated support team at Shining Smiles Orthodontics is at the forefront of it all.

Re-Engineered for Excellence

Experience the next generation of metal braces with Shining Smiles Orthodontics, where innovation meets tradition.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect out of our modern metal braces:

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Improved Comfort

We use state-of-the-art materials for each component, from brackets to wires, so you get a smoother and more comfortable orthodontic journey.

Sleek & Stylish Design

Our metal braces have been redesigned to be subtle yet effective, giving you the confidence to smile even during treatment.

Precision Treatment

We prioritize your comfort without compromising precision. Our braces offer targeted treatment for faster, more efficient results.

Customized Care

We tailor each set of braces to your unique needs, so you can expect individualized care and optimal results.

What Do Metal Braces Treat?

Metal braces are more than just orthodontic fixtures—they’re dynamic tools that address all sorts of orthodontic issues.

At Shining Smiles Orthodontics in West Covina, we harness their full potential to offer comprehensive solutions.

Misaligned Teeth

Whether it's crowding, spacing, or a mix of both, Dr. Lee can use metal braces to effectively realign your teeth to their perfect positions, improving both your bite and your smile.

Overbite & Underbite

By adjusting the relative position of your upper and lower jaws, metal braces can effectively treat both overbites (where the upper teeth sit too far forward) and underbites (where the lower teeth sit too far forward).

Crossbite & Open Bite

Metal braces work diligently to correct crossbites (misalignment of a single tooth or group of teeth) and open bites (where upper and lower teeth don't meet when the mouth is closed), ensuring a harmonious bite.

Jaw Issues

Dr. Lee can use metal braces alongside other orthodontic devices to deal with jaw discrepancies and disorders, restoring your bite and eliminating discomfort.

Complex Orthodontics Issues

Their robustness and precision make metal braces ideal for treating complex cases—so you can get your dream smile, no matter your starting point.

Metal Braces FAQ

Step Into the Future of Orthodontics

Sometimes all you need is a tried and true treatment like metal braces, but with a modern twist. That’s why you’ll find our metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever.

Find out why braces are still the most popular treatment option in West Covina during your free consultation!