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What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry focused on diagnosing, treating, and preventing malocclusions, which refer to misalignments of the teeth and jaws. These misalignments can impact both the aesthetics of your smile and the functionality of your bite. Within orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics is a specific area of focus aimed at promoting proper facial growth and alignment.

Why Is Orthodontics Important?

Orthodontic treatment is not just about achieving a beautiful smile; it also addresses functional issues that can arise from misaligned teeth and jaws. Dental implants can play a crucial role in orthodontic treatment, particularly in cases where teeth are missing or need to be replaced.

What Are the Benefits of Orthodontics?

Orthodontics improves oral health by ensuring properly aligned teeth. Through orthodontic treatment, teeth are correctly positioned, making them easier to clean and significantly reducing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues. Additionally, orthodontic correction of bite problems such as overbite, underbite, or crossbite helps prevent excessive wear on tooth surfaces and alleviates strain on the jaw. By addressing these concerns, orthodontics not only enhances the aesthetics of your smile but also promotes long-term oral health and comfort.

Misaligned teeth can disrupt proper chewing and speaking abilities, impacting overall function. Orthodontic treatment effectively addresses these issues, enhancing functionality. Although it involves an initial investment, orthodontic treatment can ultimately prevent the need for more costly dental procedures in the future by tackling underlying issues early on.

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How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work?

Orthodontic treatment typically begins with a comprehensive examination conducted by an orthodontist, including X-rays, photographs, and teeth impressions. Based on this assessment, a customized treatment plan is devised to address the patient's specific needs and desired outcome. The orthodontist then selects the appropriate appliance, whether it be traditional braces, clear aligners like Invisalign, or other devices, designed to apply gentle, controlled forces to shift the teeth gradually. For braces, archwires are inserted into brackets and periodically adjusted to apply the necessary pressure, while elastic bands may be utilized to correct specific bite issues. Clear aligner treatment involves wearing a series of custom-made aligners, progressively shifting the teeth into alignment. Regular visits to the orthodontist are required to monitor progress, make adjustments, and ensure treatment is on track. Following treatment, retention is crucial to maintain the new tooth alignment, often involving the use of retainers. Throughout the process, the orthodontist closely monitors progress to achieve optimal results and ensure a healthy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Shining Smiles Orthodontics

Experience: With years of expertise in orthodontic care

Experience: With years of expertise in orthodontic care, we provide reliable and effective treatment options.

Personalized Care: We tailor our treatments to suit each patient's unique needs and preferences for a comfortable experience.

Advanced Technology: Our clinic utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise diagnosis and efficient treatment outcomes.

Friendly Atmosphere: We offer a warm and welcoming environment, making every visit to our clinic a pleasant one.

Exceptional Results: Our track record of delivering outstanding results speaks for itself, ensuring a radiant smile you'll be proud to show off.

Speaks: English, Korean, and Spanish

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We proudly serve patients of all ages from West Covina and the surrounding areas, including Covina, Baldwin Park, Valinda, Azusa, La Puente, El Monte, Rowland Heights, Diamond Bar, and all around San Gabriel Valley and Greater Los Angeles.

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Our Comprehensive Range of Services in West Covina

West Covina Braces: Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces have been the gold standard in orthodontic treatment for years. They are durable, effective, and now more comfortable than ever, thanks to advancements in orthodontic technology.

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West Covina Braces: Clear Braces

For those who seek a more discreet option, clear braces offer the same effectiveness as metal braces but with transparent or tooth-colored brackets, making them less noticeable.

West Covina Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are the epitome of convenience and discretion in orthodontic treatment. Custom-made to fit your teeth, they are removable, allowing you the freedom to eat and drink as you please.

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The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment at Every Age

Orthodontics for Children

Early intervention can make a world of difference in a child's oral health. It allows us to correct issues before they become more complex, often reducing the need for more extensive treatment later on.

Orthodontics for Teens

The teenage years are an ideal time for orthodontic treatment. We offer a range of options to fit into busy schedules and meet the aesthetic concerns of image-conscious teens.

Orthodontics for Adults

It's never too late to achieve the smile of your dreams. Adult patients can benefit from our discreet treatment options, and it's worth noting that a growing percentage of orthodontic patients are adults.

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